Le Nove hotel • 4 stelle tra Bassano del Grappa e Marostica

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Recommended bike tracks and cycling tours.

Le Nove hotel is located right in the middle of the Veneto region, one of the most highly appreciated regions in Italy, with its treasures from the Lake Garda to the Dolomite Mountains, from Venice to other nearby historic cities of art.
Situated at the intersection between the nearby foothills, rich in food and wine excellence, and the Brenta River, along the München‑Trento‑Venezia roadways, we can recommend a number of simple bike path routes and exciting tours to discover the region’s landscapes.


The March of Treviso Tour

Asolo, ph Patrick Denker

From the Plains to the Valley

Bassano del Grappa, ph Giorgio Bombieri


The Brenta

River Tour

Cittadella, ph Marika Bortolami

Hill to Hill

Marostica, ph Giorgio Bombieri


Our services

Ride with the pros*. We can arrange rides with one of our expert guides who will give you the right pace to tackle the route.
Bike storage**. We have safe places for you to store and secure your bike.
Repair workshop**. You will find a workshop equipped for bike repairs or simple maintenance, and spare bike parts* are also available for purchase.
Bike wash**. There is a fully equipped point for washing and cleaning your bike.
E-bike**. For those using electric bicycles, we will provide charging stations
Packed lunch*. Upon request, we can arrange for a nutrition packed lunch of fruit and sandwiches.
Rent a bike*. It is possible to rent a bicycle on request. Send us your measurements and we will reserve a bicycle for you that best suits your cycling needs.
Recovery services. If you have a problem during your bike ride, you can always contact our facility for assistance.
Tea time. Back from the day trip you’ll find a regenerating comforting tea time.
Cyclist’s breakfast. Le Nove hotel can offer early and/or reinforced* breakfasts, and, upon reservation, we can provide for any special dining requests you may have.

* fee-based services
** from September 2019